It is my honor and pleasure to inform the MBA Family that the 14U Mavericks have won the 680 League Championship!  Well done gentlemen, and I can’t think of a better way to complete your 8 year MBA career than a Championship won on your home field in front of family and friends.  What a way to finish.

During the regular season the 14U Mavericks amassed a very impressive 18-3 record with solid pitching and sound defense.  This past weekend they ran the table and subsequently beat the Lafayette Oaks 9-6 in the Championship Game.  Here is what one coach told me was the cornerstones of their success:

1. Team before self

2. Take care of the baseball

3. Get the outs they give us

4. Three pitches or less for each opposing batter

5. No walks

6. Control the running game

7. Compete at the plate and make hard contact

8. Respect your opponent and play hard for 7 innings

9. Practice like you want to play because you will play like you practice

10. Get better every single day

I could go on and on about how great this team is and how much fun they had, but I will let the championship photo and amazing smiles speak for themselves.  Great job boys and good luck next year in whatever life brings your way.

Ryan Schmidt, Bronco-Pony Commissioner

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