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Meet the 2022-2023 Board of Directors

Pinto Commissioner // Michael Chaffin

Board experience: This is my first year on the MBA board, I joined in July 2022 as the Pinto Commissioner.

Do your kid(s) play MBA?: My son Conner plays in the Mustang division

Favorite thing about baseball/coaching: Watching kids get inspired, improve, and develop



Mustang Commisssioner // Paul Beckwith

Board experience: This is my first year on the board and I joined in August 2022

Do your kid(s) play MBA?: I have 1 MBA Graduate and 2 kids entering Bronco next year

Favorite thing about baseball/coaching: Seeing kids thrive and build confidence through the season.


VP Finance // Kimberly Prast

Board experience: This is my second year on the MBA board as the VP of Finance

Do your kid(s) play MBA?: Jameson who plays in the mustang league, and a daughter who loves to cheer on her brother

Favorite thing about baseball/coaching: While I don't coach, my husband does, and the most rewarding thing I see looking on is the improvement each kid has from the beginning to the end of the season, while the kids are having fun learning about baseball.



Secretary // Casey Sproul

Board experience: I joined the board in 2019 in have held roles as the Secretary and VP of Community and Communications.

Do your kid(s) play MBA?: Yes! Our son Brendan will be in his second year or Mustang and our son Dillon will be a first year Pinto player.

Favorite thing about baseball/coaching: I love watching my boys play baseball! My favorite part is seeing the skills they learn on the field and the lessons they learn for their life off the field.  And seeing the relationships they build with their teammates.

Co Vice President, Communications // Marisol Greenlee and Becky Bruno

Co Vice President, Coach and Player Development // Andrew Sproul and Joey Prast

Vice President, League Operations // Angel Garcia

Vice President, Community // Meredith Sargent

Bronco / Pony Commissioner // Jason Luster

Fields / Kyle Childers


2022-2023 Assisting the Board

Apparel // Kristi Pinedo, Amy Sidensol & Lena Cooper

Equipment // Bryan Sidensol

Uniforms // Kristi Pinedo & Lena Cooper

Opening Day Lead // Meredith Sargent

Picture Day // Meredith Sargent

Scheduling // Angel Garcia

Sponsorships // Mike Waitzman

Umpires // Chad Hamilton

Tournaments // Bob Morelli

Game Changer // Kevin O'Toole

680 League Liaison // Bryan Op't Holt

Volunteers // Open