Registration Overview

Registration for the Spring 2021 Season is Now Open

As promised, registration for our 2021 spring opens today.  We understand many unknowns still exist, and we will do our best here to lay out the facts as we know them.  In summary, we don’t know if or when the state will lift the guidelines that allow for only “camp-style” practices in groups of 12 or less.  However, we are preparing for a spring season that includes games, including contingency plans for a condensed season if it comes to that.  This could also include extending the season a few weeks past the end of school.  Regardless, we will have plans ready for all possibilities.

In light of all these unknowns, we are ready to forge ahead.  Here are the current plans:

  • MBA Registration (all ages and divisions):  December 1 - December 18th
    • Note: Late registrations will be filled only if space is available, and remember that we have a cap on the number of players per team. Late fee of $50 after 12/18.
  • Pinto and Mustang Evaluations:  January 9th 
    • Evaluations will be covid compliant 
    • Coaching:  We need, at minimum, 12 parent volunteer coaches for Pinto and 12 for Mustang.  You will have the option to sign up during registration.  MBA cannot exist without our volunteers, so please do step up to coach! 
    • In the event of rain, January 16th or 23rd will serve as backup dates.
    • First practice:  January 30th
  • Bronco and Pony
    • Maverick teams have already been formed and will not be adjusted unless teams lose players.  Maverick teams play in the 680 league, and they fall under the same Covid restrictions. Our plan is to practice and be ready if/when restrictions are lifted.
    • Premier teams will be formed on a first come first serve basis.  Orinda and Piedmont have indicated they plan on fielding teams so our Morindamont league will start when allowed by guidelines.  
    • Coaching:  Pro coaches will run the Premier team practices, but we need parent volunteer coaches for the games.  Please note your interest when you register.
  • Fees
    • As of now, we are planning for a full baseball experience for our players.  As such, we are charging similar/slightly reduced fees. We are also introducing an installment plan.
    • For all of our teams, the largest expenses are the field rentals and maintenance.  We will bear these expenses regardless of whether we have games.
    • For Bronco and Pony teams, we also pay for our professional coaches.  Again, this expense will exist regardless of how many games we play.  For those of you that participated in Fall Ball, you’ll know that our pro coaches will make this a rich baseball experience, no matter the circumstances.
    • The variable expenses we have come primarily in the form of umpires and tournaments.  Should we see lower than expected expenses in these areas (e.g., because of significantly fewer games than planned), we will absolutely look at issuing partial refunds to those age groups impacted.  Because we are a volunteer and non-profit organization, we are not in a position to issue refunds for any other reason.  
  • Contingency Plan (in the event we cannot start on time)
    • Opening day would normally be around February 27th.  Right now, we are planning on that being the case, but recognize that may need to adjust.  Here are preliminary plans, which are subject to change: 
    • Pinto and Mustang:  In the event our season must start late, we would plan on continuing with practice and intrasquad “game-like” scrimmaging as long as necessary.  Once games are allowed, options we would consider to allow us to have a season would be reducing the number of games, eliminating the Mustang mid-season tournament, reducing the playoffs to single elimination, and ending the season in mid-June.  
    • Bronco and Pony:  Should the 680 or Morindamont leagues start late or be condensed, we will be looking at the option of travel or out-of-state tournaments, or other options that may arise.  Unfortunately, this will likely require additional expense, both in terms of tournament entry as well as travel costs.  Should we get to this point, we will be very open and transparent about the options and tradeoffs available.  In registration, we will be asking whether you would be interested in traveling out-of-state for games, just so we have an idea of how many interested players and families we have for this contingency option.  
  • Safety Protocols for our season
    • Similar to Fall Ball, we will be invoking stringent safety guidelines for all players and coaches.  This includes but is not limited to:
      • Strict social distancing, including no use of dugouts
      • Masks for coaches
      • No parent involvement or proximity to fields except for designated volunteers
      • Hand sanitizing before and after all practices

We know this is a lot to absorb, but wanted to do our best to give you all the information we have.  Regardless of what lies ahead, we can promise that the game of baseball, and MBA, will provide a fantastic experience for you and your children.  Please email if you have any questions or concerns.

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