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Welcome to the MBA online registration for Fall 2020. Complete (paid) and accurate registration forms are very helpful for efficient processing.

For general registration questions, please email

All Groups are described based on where the kids will play in their Spring 2021 Division.

Pinto: (September 13, 20 and 27): We will be operating at least 3 weekend clinics over fall for incoming Pinto players (7-8 YO in Spring).    The kids will get a hat and enjoy some fun drills with a small group of their peers (12 total, we will keep the groups the same across the clinics).  More info about specific dates is forthcoming. This will be $25.

Mustang (August 31 - October 30): We will offer an 8 week program with 2 practices/week for Mustang players (9-10 YO in Spring).  This development program will be led by parent coaches with behind the scenes support from our Pro Coaches.  As coaching volunteers and registration numbers allow, we will group the Mustang "teams" by age (e.g. 9 or 10) to better align the activities during practice.  Registration Fees will be $200. Late fee of $50 after August 27 if space is available.

Bronco and Pony Program (August 24th thru ~ November 15th):  We will run an extended program for players in this group (11-14YO in Spring).   Many of our players are moving to new distances so we are eager to get them to their new fields.  Also, after extensive discussions about maximization of safety, fairness, opportunity, and development for our players, stability for our coaches, and simplicity for administration, we have decided to form 2021 Spring Maverick teams by mid-September.  Fall Premiere and Wildcat teams will be formed based on enrollment.  Registration fees for this division will be $250 unless you are just doing tryouts (see below). Late fee of $50 after August 20 if space is available.

Here's how Bronco/Pony will work:

  • We will offer a program with 2 practices/week.  This program will be led by our pro coaches and a limited number of parent coaches.  
  • Bronco and Pony Program Tune-up: (August 24th - September 12th). 
    • Incoming 12U, 13U, 14U, Premier and Wildcat players will 'Tune up' with their 2020 Teams coached by either CJ Dorn, Evan Spatafore, Jon Pluth or Hal Marty
    • Incoming 11U players will be assigned a 12 player pod with whom they will 'Tune Up' coached by Evan Spatafore 
  • The MBA Pro Coaches will be forming the 11U, 12U, 13U and 14U Maverick team assignments for Spring during tryouts the week of September 7th. 
  • Evaluations: Most of the players will be evaluated during drills at their 'tune-up practices' that final week
  • Players DO NOT need to play Fall Ball (beyond Sept 12) in order to try out for the Spring Maverick Teams; check the “tryouts only” box ($45) when registering.  If an 11U or older does not wish to try out for a Maverick Team or play fall ball, no action is needed at this time as we will open up Spring 2021 Registration later in the fall.
  • Team Assignments Announced on September 13th,  Beginning week of September 14th players will work out with their assigned teams/groups.  There will be an assessment for the remainder of fall based on team assignment. 
  • Maverick teams will be assessed an additional (at least) $100 fee.

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