COVID-19 Protocol FAQ

Will there be games?
Yes! Now that the county has reached a case count of lower than 14 per 100,000 per day we are permitted to play games!


Are masks mandatory on the field during the game?
Yes. Masks are required at all times unless there is a safety concern.


Can I bring food?
No.  There is no food allowed before, during or post games.


Can we share equipment?
No. With the exception of the catchers gear which must be sanitized after every use.


Do I need to wash my hands before and after games?


Are there spectators allowed?  Are the bleachers open? Are there any restrictions?
Yes. Spectators are allowed and the bleachers are open, but you must wear masks and maintain social distancing.


Are dugouts open?
Yes, dugouts are open. Masks are required and players must maintain as much social distancing as possible while in the dugout.

Are there emergency masks at the field in case my child forgets or loses their mask?
Yes. We also recommend bringing backups in your child's baseball bag.


What do we do if our child has had Close Contact with somebody (I.e. a family member) who tests positive for Covid-19?
Immediately tell your teammates and quarantine for 10 days while monitoring for signs and symptoms of Covid. You may also get tested for Covid and return to the team after 7 days and a negative test result.


Will there be an Opening Day?
There will not be an opening day celebration for obvious reasons, but we are planning on having an end of season/closing day celebration for the MBA community.