Fall Ball 2021

A message from Hal Marty, Director of Coaching and Development:

When MBA announced our full suite of Fall Baseball offerings coming this September, we emphasized that our goal for all of our players in Fall is to work on improving fundamentals, learning new positions, getting stronger and smarter, and having fun! We know that the best way to reach our goal is to create an atmosphere and environment where players are able to learn from experts, try new things, fail and try again and practice, practice, practice while free of the tension, anxiety and pressure associated with winning games.

How are we going to deliver on meeting our goals?

First, we have assembled a “Dream Team” of Professional coaches, assisted by volunteer coaches and current and former MBA players. Our professional coaches include, Bob Ralston, Hal Marty, CJ Doorn, Jonathan Pluth, Don Ardissone and Max Luckhurst. These coaches will have assigned age level team responsibilities, and will also serve as roving subject matter experts teaching across all ages in key areas including infield play, outfield play, hitting and baserunning. All Fall-Ball coaches adhere to the Positive Coaching Alliance concepts and are committed to creating a safe and fun environment for the players.  Learn more about the coaches HERE.

Second, the coaches have developed a curriculum, backed by age-appropriate fundamentals and associated drills to prepare players to succeed in the Spring at a time when winning will take on more importance. An emphasis during the Fall will be placed at all age levels to be able to “play catch” at the field dimensions in their age grouping.

Third, practice sessions will be designed to maximize learning and repetition of skills often at rotating small group work stations that will provide ample opportunities for players to try new positions and learn new skills. Scrimmages/games will offer players the chance to display skills and techniques learned in practice in a safe environment. Players will be encouraged to try hard and to have friendly competition while learning new skills.

Finally, additional private lessons and group clinics are available throughout the Fall and will reinforce and build upon the skills and techniques provided in the Fall-Ball program.

PINTO Level – Age 7-8/ 1st + 2nd (FREE)

September 18 & October 16: 4:00 – 5:30 PM: at JM 4

Fall Baseball for our most important level of players- Pinto boys and girls – will be an introduction to MBA baseball taught through group clinics. These clinics will cover all aspects of baseball – hitting, running, defense – but the main focus will be on playing catch - Throwing & Catching a baseball. If Pinto players can enjoy playing quality catch, baseball can quickly become a favorite sport and history shows that this is the key to retaining young players. Hal Marty will be designing these clinics and running them with the help of our 14-year-old players who will help mentor the kids into baseball and the MBA way.

MUSTANG Level – Age 9-10/ 3rd + 4th Grade ($275)

September 6- October 31: Practices Tuesdays, either 4pm or 5:30pm on JM 2,6 and Sunday afternoon games.

The Mustang Fall Baseball Program will consist of one (1) mid-week practice coupled with one (1) weekend game.  Players will be divided into teams, and will compete against other 9U and 10U teams from Piedmont and Orinda.  While still tentative, we anticipate practices will be held on Tuesdays and games on Sundays.  At this age, we focus on transitioning and improving the 9 & 10- year-old players into the kid pitch world.  While it is essential to continue working on skills and getting repetitions, this group needs to see live pitching.  As such, the Mustang fall program will have a more game-centered approach.  For this group, practices and scrimmage games will be designed to protect and encourage this part of their baseball evolution.  Volunteer parent coaches are required for Mustang Fall Ball, but we will be augmenting player development with clinics (both for players and parent coaches) and professional coach-assisted practices.  For our great parent coaches, this is a phenomenal opportunity to leverage our incredible MBA professional coaching staff, so please do sign up as a fall volunteer! 

BRONCO Level – Ages 11-12/ 5th + 6th ($300)

Wednesdays 4:00-6:00 PM & Sundays 12:00-2:00 PM: at JM 1

Similar to Fall 2019, the design and format is going to be entirely geared toward guided position and skills development through detailed instruction from top-notch coaches. Every player in the program will have a chance to learn multiple positions. Instead of putting any pressure on playing or winning games, we are putting all of our energy on providing this group with a baseball setting filled with coaches who are specialists this equates to real baseball development. Coach Hal will be enlisting current Campolindo Baseball Coaches and ex-players to help run the Fall practices. The goal cannot be stressed enough; we want the Fall to challenge these players to relax and focus on developing a baseball culture by concentrating their energy on learning the game together. From the most basic of fundamentals to the little nuances – it all adds up.

BRONCO MAVERICK TRYOUTS: October 30. Exact times TBD.

PONY Level – Ages 13-14/ 7th + 8th ($300)

Wednesdays 4:00-6:00 PM and Sundays either 12:00-2:00 PM, or 2:00-4:00 PM: at JM 3

For the Pony players, the Fall is about the major transitions they will be making in terms of field dimensions, pitching length, and bat weights. Both the 13 and 14 year old players will be making significant jumps in these areas and the Fall is where Hal and our coaches will guide them through these challenges. During September both 13-year-olds and 14-year-olds will practice together to maximize the exposure of our players to the varied subject matter expertise of our coaches. For the remainder of the Fall, 13’s and 14’s will practice separately to better focus on their own field dimension and bat weight changes.

PONY MAVERICK TRYOUTS: September 26. Exact times TBD.

Fall Ball 2021