TeamSnap Tips

If you would like to subscribe to your team's calendar from your Android, iPhone, tablet, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or similarly enabled software to receive automatic updates, you can find the URL for your team's calendar by clicking on the Schedule tab in TeamSnap then clicking on the Subscribe / Export button. Use the URL for the full calendar or just games. To make sure the Calendar is updated correctly, when you paste the URL add "?NoCache" (without the quotes) to the end. This is not included in the URL on TeamSnap, but it correct a bug when various Internet calendar applications.

Check out the TeamSnap app for Android or iPhone in Google Play or the iTunes Store, respectively.

A number of folks asked about multiple TeamSnap accounts accessing a single player record. The TeamSnap account used to register the player has access by default. Just login to TeamSnap and your player's team should appear on the first screen. No invitations required. If this does not work for the account who registered the player, email, mention "Moraga Baseball Association", identify your player by name and the team the player is assigned to, and TeamSnap can usually resolve the issue. If the account who registered the player works and you would like a one or more other accounts to also access the player's record, then go to the bottom of your players record to Additional Contacts, add or edit a contact including a correct email address, selected Shared Access at the bottom of the Add / Edit screen, click the Save button, scroll down to Additional Contacts, click the Send Invitation button for contact, and click the Send button.