Field Preparation

  1. Gather the necessary equipment from the shed including ATV (check for gas in the tank, key is on, emergency switch is run, and gear is in neutral), chalker, chalk, rake, batter’s box template, and home run fence. Bases, hose, and string are in the Jobox.
  2. The first game in the morning must set up the fence. The last game must remove the fence and place it back in the shed on the appropriate shelf.
  3. Drag the field using the ATV and the appropriate drag. NOTE: If the field is extremely dusty, it may be wise to hose down the field before you drag.
  4. Once the field is dragged, water down the field with the hose.
  5. Put the bases in place.
  6. Place the batter’s box template in place and mark the batter’s box.
  7. Chalk the batter’s box and then the base lines, 1st and 3rd using the string.
  8. Put the end of the string at the back point of home plate and extend it to the outfield grass.
  9. Start chalking the foul line at the edge of the batter’s box.
  10. Use the thinner setting on the chalker, so that the line is about 2 inches wide.
  11. Make sure the outside edge of the chalk line runs along the string, which should also be on the outside edge of 1st and 3rd base (i.e., no chalk should be outside the edge of the bases).
  12. If your field has a portable mound, place the mound at the appropriate distance: Pinto 38’, Mustang 44’, Bronco 48’, Pony 54’, 14U 60’6”. The measurement is from the back point of home plate to the front edge of the rubber.
  13. JM1/JM2: only apply a very thin layer of dirt, if any, over the rubber mats as the pitcher’s cleats are supposed to land on the rubber mat – not on all dirt (Pitcher’s Mound
  14. Pinto pitching area: Make a chalk circle with a 9 foot radius around the rubber to delineate the dead ball zone.
  15. Pinto: Make a chalk commit line halfway between 3rd base and home plate, about 4’ long perpendicular to the baseline extending into foul territory.
  16. Pinto: Make an "On Deck" circle a safe distance away from home plate.
  17. Replace the equipment in the appropriate shed or Jobox.

Note: Please make sure to turn the gas valve to the closed position on the ATV, when you put them away. Also, make sure the key is in the "Off" position in the ignition.  Switch the "on/off" switch on the handlebars to the "off" position.

To start the ATV make sure there is gas in the tank. Turn the gas valve at the bottom edge of the gas tank to the "On" position. Turn the key to the "On" position. Turn the power switch on the handlebars to the "On" position. Shift the ATV into "Neutral". The green neutral light should come on. Press the start button on the handle bars.

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